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Did you know…

90% of in-house counsel rely on attorney bios when researching and hiring outside counsel
Attorney bios account for 80% of law firm website traffic
Bios rank #2 regarding influence on hiring selection by GCs

Most legal marketers already know that visits to their lawyers’ bio pages surpass traffic to all other pages on their firm’s website. But for many marketers, the thought of rewriting or changing the process to update their lawyers’ bios can be overwhelming.

But it doesn’t have to be this way.

We’ve developed a system that takes a more modern, authentic, and personal approach to rewriting and updating lawyer bios. Moreover, the new bios position the lawyers’ qualifications in a manner that addresses the issues that readers – and prospects want to see.

So before you invest more money in technology and design for your site, here’s some info about our newest, most expedient – and cost-effective way to update your lawyers’ biographies.

We call it the 90-Minute Better Bios Program for Practice Groups.

Quick story: We worked with the Banking & Finance practice of a Midwest-based firm, and during our 90-minute program, 28 lawyers actually updated their own bios. (Yay!) We saw how efficient it was to get the lawyers to participate in the bio updating process – and this method helped ensure the lawyers’ buy-in. Oh, and all those new bios? Posted on the firm’s website within the week – not a couple of months of back-and-forth!

Sounds crazy, right? But we did it.

Applying the best of our best practices, Lawyers Biography Service now offers in-person programs for law firm practice groups. During this session, your lawyers will update their bios having just learned:

• The importance of the bio in a client’s hiring process. We have stats to back up these claims.
• How your lawyers’ bios stack up against your peer firms.
• The biography information clients truly care about. Hint: It’s not where your lawyers went to law school.
• How to infuse personality and philosophy into a bio, while maintaining a high degree of professionalism.

Want to hear more about the program? Please use the Contact Us form to schedule a call.