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Clark Hill  ⋅  Jones Day  Kaufman & Canoles   Lanigan Ryan  ⋅  McGlinchey Stafford  ⋅  Morrison Foerster  ⋅  Mosberg Sharma Stamblek Gross  ⋅  Phelps Dunbar  ⋅  Roetzel  ⋅  Schlam Stone & Dolan    Shearman & Sterling  ⋅  Steinberg Law Firm  ⋅  Vedder Price

A better bio will:

  • Engage the reader
  • Highlight relevant experience
  • Demonstrate how clients view you: as their business partner, problem-solver, fixer, dealmaker, trusted advisor, and
  • Include a bit of your approach to your practice, and when appropriate, show some personality.

… And that, my friend, can be the difference between you and any other attorney or firm under consideration.

Hi! I’m Nancy Slome.

I’m a consultant to lawyers and their in-house marketing and business development teams. I specialize in creating compelling and effective lawyer bios and practice descriptions.

How my bios are different. While most bios focus on the lawyer, my bios demonstrate how the lawyer helps their clients – by advising and guiding them on the issues they genuinely care about. While every lawyer knows their client wants a “successful outcome,” avoiding clichéd and cookie-cutter terms like [ahem] “successful outcome,” “extensive experience,” and “among others” is paramount.

Why you need me. Whether your firm has 18, 180, or 1,800 attorneys – when it comes to revamping your attorneys’ bios, there are too many moving parts to focus on. Besides, when you’re the in-house marketer, you don’t have the time to write and manage the process – in addition to your regular duties.

What’s it like working with me?

Nancy Slome’s great differentiator is her client-focused approach. And by client, I mean your client, not you. She puts herself in the shoes of the people your message is intended for, and helps you develop a solution that moves them. Then she executes – she has a terrific understanding of web function, SEO, and content delivery, particularly for law firms.

– Client Relationship Executive, AmLaw 20 firm

I’ve worked with Nancy for many years — both in-house at White & Case, where we were colleagues in the global marketing team, and as an outside consultant since then. She brings a variety of deep expertise to the table, including Web, design, and marketing communications capabilities, as well as leadership and team-building experience.

– William Schroeder, Founder, Clarity Group Consultancy

Nancy has perfected the art of ‘decluttering the message’ to enhance its impact and relevance. Her approach begins focused precision on the receiver’s perception and meeting them where ‘they’ are, then refining clear messaging that resonates with them.

– Norine Bagate, Design & Construction Project Management Professional

Looking for examples of my work?  Some clients aren’t keen to let me post examples publicly but have permitted me to share privately if I’m being considered for a new project or pitching new business. (You BD folks can relate, right?) So schedule an introductory chat, and I’ll be happy to share.

Final thoughts. I encourage my clients to include a little personality at the end of their bio. This gives insight into their lives outside the office (hopefully). Plus, it can be a great conversation starter and uncover some commonalities.

As you might expect, I’m a word nerd. I enjoy working on the daily Wordle and Spelling Bee and completing The New York Times crossword. I’m also obsessed with genealogy and learning more about my family’s history.