The lawyer says to the bartender, “Bombay Sapphire with an olive up, please.”

The marketer decides to try one of the “house cocktails” written in chalk on the blackboard. “Excellent choice!” says the bartender.

Two drinks arrive. The first looks like a proper martini, and the lawyer is happy with his selection. The marketer, eager to try the house cocktail, takes a sip and finds it tastier than expected.

She turns to the lawyer and says, “Oh, you must try this! It’s amazing!”

The lawyer refuses politely, but the marketer insists.

She waves down the bartender and orders another.

When the bartender sets down the new drink, the lawyer takes a sip and pronounces the cocktail ‘next level.’ With that, he pushes away his martini.

But this isn’t real life. And neither is this story.

Because on most occasions, the lawyer would’ve stuck with his martini. Because it’s familiar. Because it’s tested. Because. Because. Because.

Understandably, trying something new and untested sits firmly outside his comfort zone. His law school training focused on facts, observation, and precedence.

On the other hand, the marketer is focused on uncovering her lawyer’s aspirations and goals, such as:

🔸 The particulars of his practice,

🔸 Understanding the clients the firm serves,

🔸 Developing sound marketing strategies, and

🔸 Executing the tactics.

After all, she has been engaged to help raise the firm’s profile and provide business development coaching. Occasionally, that means pushing the firm to take steps outside their comfort zone to achieve their desired (and profitable) results.

This scene plays out – not just in law firms but in many professional organizations – every single day of the year.

Most of the time, the fee earners will stick with the martini. But every so often, they’ll pick up that ‘next level’ drink recommended by their marketers and never look back.

Photo by Nick Fewings on Unsplash

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Written by : Nancy Slome

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