I haven’t worn my “happy bracelets” in a very long time – probably because they were in a small box that had fallen behind my dresser.

These are the bracelets my daughter bought me a few years back for a significant birthday. I call them my “happy bracelets” because they always cheer me up and make me think of her. Plus, they match nearly everything I own, and I always get tons of compliments each time I wear them.

Now that I found them (again), I couldn’t recall the jewelry designer’s name, and it was way too early to wake up my daughter this morning. But after a few tries on Google, I discovered the bracelets were designed by Roxanne Assoulin.

I’m sharing this little story because Roxanne’s “Story” on her website is brilliant. [Here’s your cue to read the screenshot.]

Note how Roxanne’s tagline, “JEWELRY THAT MAKES YOU SMILE,” mirrors my sentiments.

Sometimes, super simple wins the day.

Roxanne Assoulin








Written by : Nancy Slome

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