Looking for something perfect to plug into this Labor Day weekend that won’t cause eyestrain?

I’m all for bingewatching – especially on holidays, but this (new to me) podcast might be a good alternative.

Yesterday, I stumbled onto “Selected Shorts – Let Us Tell You A Story,” taped live at Symphony Space in New York. The podcast features well-known actors who read entertaining and thought-provoking short stories aloud, many with the cadence and accents the author might want you to hear. The series is hosted by Meg Wolitzer, who introduces each story and provides just enough detail to be engaging.

Each podcast has a theme that contains several stories. If you don’t know where to start, I recommend listening to the following:

🎧 “Didn’t See It Coming” (July 13, 2023)
“Agouti” A story about the author’s experience with Agouti, an interesting Jamaican dish. 😳

🎧 “Friendship!” (March 30, 2023)
“Let’s Get Drinks,” a series of modern-day over-scheduling via texts, read by Jane Curtain and Jane Kaczmarek.

🎧 “Grace Paley Centennial” (April 22, 2023)
“Goodbye and Good Luck,” read by actress Joanna Gleason.

As most podcast hosts say, “You can find this episode on Spotify or wherever you get your podcasts.” I’m a (paid) TuneIn member, where I follow Kara Swisher, Terry Gross, Marc Maron, a few live/uninterrupted news channels – and now, Selected Shorts.

Hope you enjoy!



Written by : Nancy Slome

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