Did you take piano lessons when you were a child?

Did you practice every single day between lessons?

Have you joined a gym only to go for a few months and eventually canceled your membership because you weren’t using it enough? I’ve made all the excuses in the world and have post-rationalized why I wasn’t going:

  • “It was too cold.”
  • “It was snowing.”
  • “There wasn’t enough room in the locker for my puffy coat and snow boots.”
  • “My hair would still be wet, and then I have to go back to the office,” and,
  • “It’s humid, and my hair would get frizzy.”

I’ve said this many times to anyone who will listen: “I have donated to more gyms in New York City.”

Circling back to those piano lessons. My piano teacher once told my mother that “he didn’t want to take her money because it was apparent that Nancy hadn’t practiced that week.”

It’s the first week of September. Nearly time to close the books on Q3. Or, in my case, pay my quarterly taxes, which are due on the 15th.

So I got to thinking. Rosh Hashana begins on the evening of September 25. Although it’s not a Reform temple, and there’s more Hebrew in the Conservative shul here in Beaufort. But I’m gonna go.

No procrastinating. No excuses.

Written by : Nancy Slome

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