I finally swapped out my salmon-colored purse this weekend for something more autumnal.

And in doing so, I uncovered more than just the remnants of the past season.

At the bottom of my purse lay a collection of items – each a tangible memory of last month’s Midwest Legal Marketing Conference in Chicago. My bag contained:
🔅 An LMA pin
🔅 My hotel passkey
🔅 A stack of business cards tied together with a rubber band
🔅 A small bag of Gummy Bears and Swedish Fish (my faves), and
🔅 A friendship bracelet from Jessica Aries ❇️.

🎯 The People: This wasn’t just another business event; it felt like a high school reunion. I reconnected with familiar faces and those in-house legal marketers and service providers I’ve known for years. But equally important was making new acquaintances and potential collaborators who could become valuable referrals for my business.

What struck me most about the conference was the value of in-person interactions. Having adapted to virtual meetings and Zoom calls for the past few years, I realize there’s something inherently powerful about shaking hands, waving across a crowded room, and finally seeing the person behind the email signature. It’s about connecting the name tag and hearing their story.

🍦 At My Booth: I was excited because this was my first foray into “boothing,” which apparently is an actual term known to experienced conference exhibitors. I set up my booth armed with my tri-fold brochures, business cards, and a chance to win gift cards, primarily geared towards Midwesterners who would appreciate Ohio favorites, like Jeni’s Splendid Ice Creams, Graeter’s, and Skyline Chili.

👜 So what’s next in 2024? As for me, I’m planning to attend the annual LMA conference in San Diego. And I’m researching speaking engagements related to my expertise.

Here are just a few of the folks I connected with at the Midwest conference. Shout out and thanks to: The matching fashionistas, Laura (Toledo) Gutierrez and Lexie Blaner for allowing me to take your pics! Of course, there’s that big hug from the incomparable Roy Sexton. Kudos to my booth neighbors at Metric Marketing, who stood watch (on my booth) whenever I stepped away to schmooze. (PS: I think I still owe you guys a digital gift card!) Travis Kell/Pitchly accompanied me on a rather amusing shopping trip! And Jessica Aries ❇️ as mentioned earlier. Nathan Jenks letting me be his Plus+ to Alex Desberg/TKG party for a fun evening of darts! Lastly… Thank you, Robyn Addis/LISI Internet Solutions, for hosting a small — and most enjoyable get-together!

📆 And where are you headed? The conference season is starting to wind down, and the holiday season is just beginning. What’s on your dance card when the conference season gears up again in mid-January? Inquiring minds to know!

Written by : Nancy Slome

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