We figured you might have some questions, so we’ve put together this list. If you have a particular question that hasn’t been answered here, please let us know via the contact form.

First, you’ll need to decide which of our three levels of service is right for you and your practice: Basic, Basic Plus, or Bespoke? Then, simply sign up here. Once we are notified payment has been made, you’ll receive a brief questionnaire via email, and then we’ll take it from there. Your bio will be edited — or completely rewritten in 7-15 business days.

Our writers are experienced, legal marketing professionals. Each has solid, in-house law firm experience, and a few hold a JD!

All bios include proofreading by our professional proofreaders. One of our favorite proofreaders has 30+ years of experience proofreading and editing legal documents, annual reports, and —yes — lawyer bios for several major law firms.

Provided you hit all your deadlines, you can expect your bio in:

  • 7 business days (Basic)
  • 10 business days (Basic Plus)
  • 15 business days (Bespoke)

We’ll bet that when it comes to polishing and updating your bio, your folks are rock stars! But with all the other marketing and biz dev-related things they have on their plates, rewriting firm bios (from scratch) may fall toward the end of a long to-do list.

Your online bio is your calling card to what is now a connected global audience, and you want to be sure it opens all the right doors.

In a word — or three: SEO. We have a long and successful track record of providing Search Engine Optimization (SEO) services to several top international law firms. We weave the same ethical SEO techniques that we have used to promote practice areas into writing bios for lawyers, helping ensure that the content matches the way prospects search for specific experience or representative matters. (And we’re never spammy in our approach!)

We’ll deliver a professional, client-focused bio in 7-15 business days, depending on the option chosen. If you don’t like our first draft and we’re unable to fix it, we’ll refund your money.

We can’t. But, we know that lawyers whose bios start with law school qualifications – or are blatantly braggadocios – aren’t doing themselves any favors.

We hope so. Your bio will be client-focused, and written so as not to bore your prospects. Don’t worry – we’ll include all your accomplishments and accolades.

We’re not saying you can’t do a great job on your bio. Our writers come to the table with deep legal marketing and new business development experience, which includes working on top law firm websites for 10+ years. We know what has worked – and what hasn’t – for many, many lawyers.


Our flexible structure allows us to scale to meet the challenges of rewriting as many lawyer bios as a firm may require.

If you’re a legal marketer working in a global firm with several thousand lawyers, we have strategies in place to manage undertakings of this magnitude. We’ll work with you and your team to create consistent and compelling bios that people will actually want to read.

Your experience, types of clients you serve, and point-of-view is unique. So your bio will reflect your approach to handling your clients’ matters and deals. Sure, there may be similarities – from a stylistic perspective – between your bio and another lawyer’s – but that’s because we apply best practices to the process.

Sure! We can put you in touch with some really fine photographers from all over the United States.

Definition: Meta descriptions are HTML attributes that provide concise explanations of the contents of web pages. Meta descriptions are commonly used on search engine result pages (SERPs) to display preview snippets for a given page.
– As explained by Moz.com, a premier Search Engine Optimization (SEO) resource website.

Why meta descriptions are important: When someone goes to a search engine, like Google, they’ll see some verbiage that should 1) Confirm this is the correct page, and 2) Compel someone to click through. When no meta description exists, Google automatically lists the first 160 characters on the page, which may or may not be helpful to searchers.

Reminder: You get 160 characters (including spaces) to make your case. Sometimes it works. Other times, not so much. Here’s a before-and-after example from one of our clients:

If you don’t have a meta description, Google will grab the first 160 characters from your bio –

The Law Office of Scott A. Klion, PLLC | Bio
Bio. Experience and Expertise. Scott A. Klion has been negotiating and drafting … The scope of Mr. Klion’s expertise in commercial leasing extends to regional …

When we write your meta description, here’s how Google displays the information

The Law Office of Scott A. Klion, PLLC | Bio
Lawyer for landlords & tenants in lease, construction, operation of retail stores, and office facilities. Handles straightforward to very complex transactions.