When was the last time your bio was updated?

We’re offering our 90-Minute Attorney Bio Tune-Up program – perfect for solo practitioners and attorneys working in small firms who just need that little push. In 90 minutes, we’ll have you ready to go with a fresher and more effective bio.


  • How to eliminate phrases that make you sound like everyone else.
  • What information clients genuinely care about. (Hint: It’s not where you to law school.)
  • The importance of your bio in a client’s decision-making process. (We have statistics to back up these claims.)
  • The right way to structure your bio: From crafting a strong opener to avoid “burying the lede.”
  • How to infuse personality and philosophy into your bio while maintaining a high degree of professionalism.
  • … and more!

Our live 60-minute group program is presented via Zoom and will be followed up with individually scheduled 30-minute phone sessions.

You’re gonna have to put in some effort, too. The good news is that you know your background, your practice, and your business. Once you’ve attended the 60-minute program, you’ll learn how a few tweaks can take your bio to the next level.

We’re legal marketing pros. We’ve worked as law firm marketers and outside consultants, and improved hundreds of lawyer biographies and practice and industry descriptions.

Event date will be announced on September 20th!