For the 2013 Social Media for Law Firms conference in New York, the topic I chose for my 10-minute, TED-style presentation was “Ethical SEO: Content Strategies and Tactics for Optimizing Your Lawyers’ Bios for Search.” Maybe not the sexiest title for a presentation, but this happens to be an area in which I have great interest and experience.

So I began my talk by proclaiming, “Most lawyer bios suck.”

With that opener, there’s no middle ground. This stance was either going to resonate with – or alienate – my audience.

I also pointed to a fact most legal marketers already know, but often don’t acknowledge publicly: “Lawyer bios are the most visited area on most law firms’ websites. And yet, law firms spend the majority of their web marketing budget and staff time on other content-related endeavors that are rarely visited, if at all.”

Given the positive response to my presentation, I seem to have hit a nerve – and identified a business need.

Fast-forward two years, and some law firms seem to have gotten on board. Timely, content-driven blogs are replacing client alerts that were often out of date by the time they were distributed via email. Other firms are fractionating their lawyers’ bios for a quicker, more focused read.

But for many lawyers and their firms, not much has changed. Including their lawyers’ bios, which typically get updated only when the website is being redesigned.

It’s 2023 and a snoozy bio still doesn’t cut it.

A great bio:

  • Engages the reader
  • Highlights relevant experience
  • Demonstrates how clients view the lawyer – as their business partner, problem-solver, fixer, dealmaker, and trusted advisor
  • Includes a bit of the lawyer’s philosophy, point of view, and, when appropriate, shows some personality

Great lawyers deserve great bios