Our writers apply the same smart and engaging approach to creating practice and industry pages that we do when writing our clients’ bios. In a nutshell, we will:

  • Present your clients’ issues front-and-center
  • Offer recommendations on the number of relevant representative matters to list

Whether your website visitors are in-house counsel, business owners, or laypeople – we understand the primary purpose of law firm practice and industry pages: convince prospects, clients, recruits, and the media that your firm has the knowledge and unparalleled experience* to handle the types of matters and deals prospects are likely seeking. We also know while practice and industry pages must follow a similar style and format, they don’t have to be boring to be effective.

One final thought: We are brutal copy editors. So if your firm’s practice descriptions include too many long-winded sentences or legalese, we’d be honored to help. Sounds like your firm? If so, let’s talk!

*We’ll save the comparative phrases for our marketing materials.

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