The outliers. They’re out there. The practice areas that just won’t fit neatly into the rest of your firm’s offerings.

For some firms, it’s the Divorce and Family Law practice page. Or, your firm has a Trusts & Estate practice. Or maybe, your firm has combined them but is giving the short shrift to one of those areas of law.

Often, the practice has its own methodology, process, and fees – separate and apart from how the rest of the firm works. Sometimes, there’s overlap because the corporate client suddenly has a personal issue – say, a divorce matter to be handled, or needs estate-planning advice. This is where cross-selling can cement a client relationship. Of course, there must be trust amongst attorneys when bringing another attorney into the picture. And becoming a “client of the firm” requires an approach that not all lawyers are willing to embrace. But for those who can manage through these issues, the benefits should outweigh the doubts.

Three quick tips

  • Adjust your tone. One of the smartest steps marketers and lawyers can take is to adjust the tone of voice to their Family Law or Trusts & Estates pages. It’s essential to know whom you’re talking to in your videos and website copy.
  • Show – don’t tell. Here’s your opportunity to connect with your reader. Offer examples of how you’ve helped folks in their shoes. People want to know what to expect, how long things might take, feel they’re in good hands, and will be getting honest counsel.
  • Send in the cavalry. There will be times where it’s necessary to litigate family matters. Be sure your clients know there’s a deep bench behind you, like your firm’s tax lawyers.

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