Remember the early days of LinkedIn, when it was just a glorified online job board than a good way for folks to build their business? And the first time you saw someone join LinkedIn was because they had just been laid off?

I’ve always had mixed feelings about LinkedIn but have come to terms with the platform in the last few years.

That said, here are some issues I still have with LinkedIn:

  • Forced and inauthentic posters (or, should I say, “posers?”
  • Humble-braggers
  • The Eeyore’s of the world
  • AI-laden connection requests have nothing to do with my business, and
  • The folks I’ve never met but were at the conference. Then, just like the tree frogs that show up on my front door during the summer, they get the attendee list and suddenly attach their suckers onto me with annoying LinkedIn connection requests the very next day. (If you haven’t given me your business card, “it’s a ‘no’ from me, dawg.”)

Now? Oh, I’m a big fan of LinkedIn.

If you’re not on my bulleted list (above), LinkedIn is a fantastic way to connect, re-connect, and has helped expand my network.

Here’s a perfect example: A year ago, I was invited to join Ari Kaplan’s Virtual Lunch group, which, if you’re in the legal marketing/technology arena, you know about Ari’s lunch sessions. Because of a scheduling conflict, I could not stay committed to joining. This month, my schedule changed, and I popped back in. Many of the same folks I met a year ago are still there. Instead of focusing my efforts with my favorite legal marketing colleagues (that I’ve known since the early 2000s), I’m engaging with the MarTech folks and their world. Some of the people in Ari’s group have already reached out to me on LinkedIn, and I’m looking forward to several upcoming phone chats already scheduled.

Written by : Nancy Slome

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