We’re pretty good at spotting firms that are in the planning stages of their new website. The tell? Usually, the marketer in charge posts questions on legal marketing-related social media and Special Interest Group forums that go something like this: “Can you share some examples of some great attorney bios?” or, “What firm do you feel has the best lawyer bios?”

Here are six fantastic attorney bios, each for a different reason.

  1. SERIOUS, AND A STANDOUT – Attorney Bio: Jim Trusty Firm: Ifrah Law
    Besides this attorney’s obvious advantage of having a name that immediately conveys reliability, this bio gets right to the point in the first sentence.

After 28 years as a prosecutor, James (“Jim”) Trusty brings to Ifrah Law extensive experience in complex, multi-district white collar litigation, especially in matters involving RICO, The Computer Fraud and Abuse Act, and The Money Laundering Control Act of 1986.

  1. COMPELLING CONTENT – Attorney Bio: Colin Kemp / Firm: Pillsbury
    We love this bio because it starts with a testimonial. Where bios typically represent an attorney’s description of himself or herself, here are glowing words of praise from a very reliable source. The content of the quote in addition to its placement make it a compelling reason to pick up the phone to call Colin.

“Colin’s courtroom presence is incredible. He is one of the very best I have seen in court. I use him for all of my significant cases.”
—Mark Van De Voorde, Esq., Chief Legal and Administrative Officer, Victaulic Co.

In case the first sentence didn’t grab you, the rest of this attorney bio will: it continues use colorful laudatory words from clients throughout the entire page.

A persuasive and successful trial lawyer, Colin captures the respect of clients and jurors alike. Indeed, after the Victaulic trial described above, jurors praised his “mad skills” and called him simply, “the killer.”

  1. TOUGH — YET APPROACHABLE — Attorney Bio: Heidi Danenberg*
    When an attorney’s bio first sentence includes words like ’battle’ and ‘humor,’ this sounds like someone you’re going to want on your side. We think clients would agree.

It is a truth universally acknowledged that no matter where she shows up, Heidi Danenberg is fully equipped to do battle. When Heidi takes on a case, her clients reap the benefit of her considerable knowledge, experience and intense personal investment, as well as her ready sense of humor.

  1. BEST ATTORNEY BIO PHOTO – Attorney Bio: Sarah R. Fink / Firm: KaiserDillon
    When you imagine a lawyer’s bio photo, is the lawyer perched in front of a window, with the city skyline in the background? Or, do you see a traditional head-and-shoulders shot, with a colored background the only difference between it and a passport photo?

What makes KaiserDillon’s attorney photos so appealing is the combination of sophisticated lighting (it’s moody), choice of background color (yes, it’s brown) and impeccable styling and art direction.

  1. SHARP AND SMART BIO PAGE LAYOUT – Attorney Bio: Antonia M. Apps / Firm: Milbank

A lot of marketers must’ve gotten the memo because we’re starting to see much-improved bio pages. Info that is critical to visitors is finally front-and-center. The days of attorney bios displayed in 6 pt. typeface are coming to an end.

We chose Milbank’s bios because they personify the style we want to see more of. The layout is sharp. The typeface is large but doesn’t overwhelm. And the strong color that surrounds the attorney’s photos help make the pages pop. Most of all, Milbank’s content is well-organized, and quickly gives visitors what they came for:

    • Primary Focus & Experience
    • Recent Significant Engagements
    • Recognition & Accomplishments
    • Speaking Engagements & Publications

Note that the attorney’s education, which is not of primary interest to most clients, is located at the bottom of the page. The details are revealed only when the tab is activated. (That was in the memo, too.)

  1. WE LEAD INTERESTING LIVES – Attorney Bio: Amanda Carroll Warriner*

Still trending: Bios that include a peek into their attorneys’ off-hours lives. Bradley does this quite well with their “You May Not Know” tab. We chose Amanda’s bio because she has also shared a very personal story.

Amanda is a CrossFit Level 2 trainer, and she runs the Rocket City Marathon as an annual fundraiser for the University of Alabama scholarship in her brother’s honor—The William Blake Carroll Memorial Scholarship Fund.

Check out Amanda’s main bio. Her pro bono activities are interesting and remarkable.

Cookie-cutter bios just don’t cut it any longer. It’s all about compelling content, sharp layouts and contemporary photography, and meaningful insight into the attorneys’ lives, in- and outside the office. Hope the examples illustrated above have given you some needed inspiration. But if you need some assistance, we’re here to help. Let’s start the conversation.

This post originally appeared on the Knapp Marketing Blog .
Written by Nancy Slome and Penny Paul
Full Disclosure: Ifrah Law and KaiserDillion are happy clients of
Knapp Marketing.

* No longer with the firm.



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