I’m sure most PR folks know this expression, and it’s probably a standard PR axiom. Still, I learned it somewhat late in my business life while working alongside Judy Kalvin, when we worked at Addison. Judy is a brilliant PR professional and has owned her PR firm for more than 18 years. When the Web was still relatively new, and we were discussing corporate websites and new media, Judy explained that I needed to look for answers to:

  • So what? How might an editor respond to a pitch?
  • Who cares? Why would a reader even stop to read any content based on a press release or marketing copy?
  • What’s in it for me? Will this help me in my business or personal life?

I apply Judy’s axiom whenever I review my law firm clients’ website content – especially their “About Us” pages and the descriptions of their firms’ practice and industry pages. Sure, we can write “client-centric.” But can we demonstrate it? If we cover up the logos of a group of law firms that compete in similar businesses or regions – would they look and sound the same?

Hey. Just some #foodforthought for my friends in #legalmarketing and #PR.

Written by : Nancy Slome

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