Twenty-two years ago, I wrote an article about good Web strategy and management habits based on Robert Fulghum’s All I Really Need to Know I Learned in Kindergarten. Back then, I was in charge of the New Media practice at Addison, the brand strategy and communications design firm.

Today, the Web is hardly new, and terms like “digital,” “interactive,” and “online” have replaced “new media.” And just look at what hasn’t changed at all from my original piece:

Take a nap every afternoon.
Just don’t let your website put your audience to sleep. There’s nothing worse than long-winded, wordy mission statements on the corporate home page. Your Web audience can only handle two sentences, tops. Good editing goes a long way on the Web. Radio copy is not print copy; Web copy is not brochure copy. Need a good analogy for writing for the Web? Think “billboard.”

The full article originally appeared in Splash – The Addison Magazine, 1998

Photo by Sarah Ball on Unsplash

Written by : Nancy Slome

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