Especially when you’re attending a professional conference.

While standing in line at one of the Legal Marketing Association’s annual conferences, I stopped by a booth to learn more about a vendor’s SaaS application. There, I overheard a conversation between the owner and his sales crew. He had a list of the influencers, some I knew to be very influential in the decision-making process for marketing technology. It was a cringe-worthy experience. I hadn’t intended to hear what was being said.

Now back to my story…

Once the owner saw me, he and his booth reps looked at my name tag and realized that I was no longer a “Director” in a BigLaw firm; instead, I was starting my new business.

What do you think he and his team did after reading my name tag?

Instead of chatting it up with me, they resumed reviewing the list of people they wanted to sidle up with. He probably assumed I wasn’t a buyer, so why bother?

Clearly, they hadn’t known that I had overheard their previous conversation. If you know me, you know I am a straight shooter. Yet this time, I held back, wanting to say, “So what am I? Chopped liver?

Looking back, I missed my opportunity to voice my thoughts… While I might not be an “influencer” in the strictest sense, I could have become a terrific business referral source.

Be careful out there. Because the walls – or that person standing in the line at your booth – could be watching and listening.

Has this ever happened to you? Can you relate?

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Written by : Nancy Slome

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