Whether you hire us to help with content development, like lawyer bios, practice/industry pages, and messaging – or plan to tackle this with your in-house team, these tips should come in handy. Of course, if you need a hand, here’s a link to our contact page.

Tip #1: Why is Warby Parker’s new branding on my top 10 list?
Because it looks and feels like them – and lets you know you’re in the right place. Warby Parker is hip, fashionable, plus their glasses are affordable.

From their ads on Instagram to their website to commissioning @kylesteed for the most fabulous retail mural in Dallas? Such a brilliant choice!

It’s about knowing your firm and your brand. And sure, it’s a lot to think about. Especially if you’re planning your next site.

TIP #2: Your clients, prospects, and recruits actually care how you are addressing DEI.
Get your act together. Don’t park the Diversity page somewhere in your “About” section. And just say “no” to those trite stock pics of holding hands or crayons. It goes without saying: it’s time to make DEI front-and-center.

More tips continue here. (PDF)


Written by : Nancy Slome

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