During my recent fifteen minutes of fame (actually, it was an hour), on the Legal Marketing Coffee Talk podcast, legal marketing luminary Roy Sexton wanted to know, “Nancy, so what are the hallmarks of a good attorney bio?

I love how he tossed me a softball question (thank you, Roy!), and I quickly replied, “Oh, you’re speaking my language! At the end of the day, the person reading your bio should say, ‘That’s who I want to hire.’” And business developers working in law firms? They know that’s what it’s all about.

For a brief moment, I felt like an actor, who is contractually required to promote their latest movie, and must answer the same question asked over and over: “What’s it like to work with… ?” The same thing applies here. A good attorney bio should tell the reader exactly what to expect.

These are my hallmarks, which should cause the reader to say:

  • “This bio speaks to my pain points.”
  • “This lawyer really understands my business.”
  • “This is who I want to hire.”

And for goodness sake, steer clear of those hackneyed phrases like “extensive experience,” “deep bench,” and “prior to joining…”



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