When I woke up the other morning, I jumped right into my new routine. I brushed my teeth, made the bed, got dressed, and pulled a shot of espresso for my Caffè Americano.

I headed upstairs to my home office with coffee in hand and sat down at my desk. I wanted to “avoid the scramble,” a term I recently heard from Deb, my fabulous business coach.

I’m finally learning how to stay focused and relaxed in the morning. To enjoy my coffee and avoid the morning news. I am determined to keep my phone turned off until I’ve begun working. That way, I can resist the lure of Instagram and any other social media rabbit hole that beckons.

Back to my morning.

I write down my goals for the week at my desk using paper and pen. I let my goals marinate and take a sip of coffee, followed by a few deep, cleansing breaths before opening my laptop. I’m determined to set myself up for a productive week and how good I will feel by Friday afternoon. Before launching my email program, I map out my daily to-do list with my calendar and review it against my goals. I work out my priorities and deadlines, remove the least important items on my calendar, and am committed to wrapping up the blog posts.

But then, when I look at my calendar, I realize it’s Sunday morning. Wait, Sunday? I was absolutely, positively sure it was Monday morning.

Chances are, you’ve experienced this. Sweating. Full-on panic mode.

What happened to that weekend day? Was it the time change?

Ready to salvage my morning, I wonder if there’s a good life lesson or two from my Sunday/not Monday experience. Actually, several ideas come to mind:

✅ Create and stick to a routine – even if you miss one or mix up the day. Routines keep you on track. I know, the obvious d’oh factor is creeping in. But to do otherwise? Now you’re in deep scramble mode.

✅ Define your goals. It’s scary to admit you may not know the answer yet, but “where do you want to go?” is an excellent place to start. And how will you get there? Skip those New Year’s resolutions as you’re only setting yourself up for “Disappointment Day,” which I have christened “March 1st.”

✅ Trust your gut and work with a good coach. Pick someone you can be accountable to. You’ll know when it’s a good fit. Most of the time, your coach’s advice is spot on. But there will be times when your coach’s recommendations are there, but you’re not ready to implement their suggested ideas. And that’s okay too.

So, what would you do with an extra Sunday that you thought was Monday?

Written by : Nancy Slome

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