My team and I apply the same smart and engaging approach to creating practice and industry pages when writing attorney bios. In a nutshell, we will:

  • Present your clients’ issues front-and-center
  • Offer recommendations on the number of relevant representative matters to list

Whether your website visitors are in-house counsel, business owners, or private clients – we understand the primary purpose of law firm practice and industry pages: convince prospects, clients, recruits, and the media that you and your firm have the knowledge and unparalleled experience* to handle the types of matters and deals prospects are likely seeking.

We also know practice and industry pages don’t have to be boring to be effective.

If your firm’s practice descriptions include too many long-winded sentences, need three deep breaths to finish a sentence when read aloud, or sound like legalese let’s talk!

*We’ll save the comparative phrases for our marketing materials.