What do Coco Chanel and a good LinkedIn post have in common?

Beyond Chanel’s iconic suit and signature perfumes, there’s a famous quote attributed to this major fashion designer.

“Before you leave the house, look in the mirror and take one thing off.”

Wait. How does Chanel’s quote relate to LinkedIn, again?


It’s all about editing your content.

You need to stop and look at that mirror (your copy) before you hit “post” on LinkedIn. Keep what is truly important and ditch the unnecessary words. This exercise helps you stay on track and ensures your reader isn’t distracted by another idea.

Yes. I am guilty of jamming too many words into my LinkedIn posts. But I’m working on it! I use a proofreader for client work, but for my LinkedIn posts, I rely on Grammarly. I’ve determined that Grammarly is my seventh-grade English teacher, whispering in my ear and crossing out those extraneous words in my essays.

Beyond editing, here are a few more tips to strengthen your posts:

📌 Give your readers’ eyes a rest. Use white space to break up those heavy chunks of text. (You know what I’m talking about, right?)

📌 Read your text aloud and see if your writing highlights the essential points. Better yet, ask a colleague (or a partner) to review your content. Be sure they know that you want their honest feedback.

📌 Look how this single, stand-alone sentence focuses your attention.

What other tips can you share with this group? Would love to know!


Written by : Nancy Slome

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